Advocacy Committee


  • Chair – Sahar Barfchin, MD


  • Annual visit to Dover Legislative Hall – Spring legislative session
  • Support resident and physician community and legislative advocacy
  • Support practices to get out the vote


Communications Committee


  • Laura Lawler, MD, Stacey Fox, MD


  • Prepare and review monthly newsletter with ED
  • Create and revise chapter website
  • Plan for facebook and twitter chapter engagement


Early Literacy Committee


  • Stacey Fox, MD

Vision: Beginning at birth, every Delaware child is read to every day.

Mission: Engaging and supporting Delaware primary care pediatricians to promote early literacy from birth to five years. 


  • Increase engagement and awarness of early literacy 
  • Create Early Literacy Fund to support the purchase of books
  • Identify funding opportunities to sustain the Early Literacy Fund
  • Support community pediatric practices to implement Reach Out and Read (ROR) national literacy program 


Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee


  • Shanique Kilgallon, MD

Vision: A diverse and inclusive membership and leadership, and a more racially and socially just healthcare system for Delaware children.

Mission: To improve the knowledge of all DEAAP members as it pertains to dismantling barriers to equitable healthcare to marginalized children in the state of Delaware that can negatively impact their growth, development, and wellness. By creating educational platforms for healthcare practitioners as well as families, the JEDI Committee through collaborative discussion will identify critical areas that require additional education and advocacy. With this collaboration, a safe environment for candid and courageous discussions will be encouraged and nurtured. Although our first priority will be the children of Delaware, the JEDI Committee will also serve as a foundational support of the pediatric practitioners of Delaware as they promote access to equitable health care.


  • Increase engagement and awareness of JEDI
  • Support education and advocacy in critical areas of need 
  • Promote access to equitable health care in Delaware


Nominating Committee


  • Aguida Atkinson, MD
  • Nemishh Mehta, MD
  • Katherine King, MD


Planning Committee


  • Jonathan Miller, MD
  • Rituparna Deb, MD
  • Shanique Kilgallon, MD
  • Preethi Kumar, MD
  • Kirk Reichard, MD
  • Vibha Sanwal, MD

Delaware Pediatrics Council


  • Nemish Mehta, MD
  • Julia Pillsbury, DO