American Academy of Pediatrics

I already belong to the National AAP, why should I become a member of the Delaware Chapter?


  • Increase your knowledge of and participation in legislative and advocacy activities at a local level.
  • Increase involvement in the legislative arena to positively influence the quality of pediatric practice and the welfare of children in your state.
  • Build coalitions with other organizations working toward improving children’s health and well-being. 


  • Participate in chapter committees in areas of interest.

  • Network with other pediatricians with similar interests.
  • Improve chapter membership participation on national AAP affairs.


  • Receive chapter newsletter and other informative mailings.
  • Attend local Continuing Medical Education meetings sponsored by the Chapter.
  • Prepare yourself for the future role of the pediatrician in the health care system and for the future management of their practices.

Join the National AAP and the DE Chapter for the first time.

National Members who wish to join the DE Chapter

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